Pho South Vietnam Restaurant

Oh my, oh my. This place is great. It’s one of my regular visits, simply because all their dishes are of high standard and it’s affordable. With the increase in food and fuel prices, you don’t even need to sell your kidneys to eat hereI I have tried a lot of dishes here, from the special fried rice (below), tomato rice, curry rice noodle etc. Additionally, it has won the best sandwich award from Metro last year.

Roast Pork Vietnamese Bun.

Deep fried chicken with special fried rice.

The sandwich is great. It’s really close to what I’ve tried in Footscray, (which is one of the Vietnamese suburbs in Melbourne) except over there, the food is much more authentic and it’s ridiculously cheap. For example, a Vietnamese bun, you’d expect to pay AUD3. In Pho, (the sandwich section is called Banh Mi Bale), it’s like NZD6. But hey, it’s the only place I know that sell these Vietnamese buns in Auckland.

The place should be notably mentioned for their rice noodle soup and fried rice. They are flavoursome and well-presented. I’m going to give this place a 9/10, and very close to authentic Vietnamese food. Also, the prices for their dishes are below $10. The rice noodle soups are great for winter, so I’d recommend going there for the next 3-4 months.

Oh, and I almost forgot, try the Vietnamese coffee. It’s heavenly.


2 thoughts on “Pho South Vietnam Restaurant

  1. hi, i have just found your site after your last visit here at Pho South Vietnam Restaurant and have just read your review above. It is our pleasure to have you enjoy our dish, and a pleasure to have talked to you in person, though i cant help but point out an incorrect statement written in your article. you stated that “the owners are not vietnamese” this is indeed incorrect, as we are vietnamese… parents and myself are all born in vietnam. I’m not too sure where this idea came from, maybe its the result of a non vietnamese accent individual? i have been living in NZ since the age of 2 which explains my kiwi accent . I thought it is of importance to advise you of this factor as I believe the truth needs to be raised. i hope you do not mind my forward approach in advising this:).
    Pho South Vietnam and Banh Mi Bale inivtes you to enjoy more authentic vietnamese dish here in Mt Eden and soon in the CBD.

    Kind regards

  2. Thank you for your feedback. My apologies about the incorrect statement. I have removed it.

    Thanks again, and keep up the high standards.

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