Hansan in Newmarket is one of those places that is easily recognisable. It’s located across the fitness centre in Nuffield Street. I decided to go there because it’s one of those moment where I thought, “Oh I haven’t been there for quite a while.”

Hansan claims itself to be a Vietnamese restaurant, but recently it has a new competitor. In fact, it’s the losing side compared to Pho South Vietnam restaurant. And tonight at Hansan, it still cannot overcome Pho’s superiority. The dishes we had, chicken beef curry with rice noodle and vermicelli with pork. We had a starter/side, which is the chicken satay – 2 tiny pieces for $4.50. Quite pathetic I thought, and could get large chunkier satay chicken pieces about 10 mins walk in Newmarket plaza (the foodcourt).

Chicken satay.

Beef curry with rice noodle.

Barbecued pork skewer with vermicilli.

We also had another dish, the chicken curry with egg noodle. Overall, the price for the dishes are reasonable, around $8.50 and flavoursome. However, the curry beef was disappointing – almost no meat. The chicken curry wasn’t too bad.

I have to give this place a 6/10 for this occasion. I wasn’t happy with the portion/size of the side dish, and the curry beef had more fat and skin than meat. Hansan seriously need to work on giving quality not quantity. Not everyone eats everything from the animal. I have seen high ratings for this place, so I believe it depends on what dish you have.

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