Now, now, now….

Easyway, what can I say, a fantastic place to get the traditional Asian drink – bubble milk tea. I don’t know what the history is and I only started drinking lots of it thanks to my girlfriend. There are so many places out there that sell these drinks. Some notable ones are Momo Tea in Mt Albert and Northcote, Hulu Cat Tea House on Anzac ave, Quickly in the Atrium food court etc. There’s too many and they all vary!

Anyway, bubble tea is just a milk tea (brewed or powder) with the option of having pearl (tapioca balls?), coffee jelly, green tea jelly, coconut jelly etc. Furthermore, the milk tea can be flavoured, for example taro, honey melon, mango etc, or just stick to original.

In comparison, of all the places, Easyway on Hobson Street (next to the Pizza Hut) is absolutely perfect. Let’s compare it to Momo Tea. It is one of the most popular places in Mt Albert, but the powdery thick milk is just not natural tasting and it’s fatty! Next is Hulu Cat Tea House, their milk tea is too creamy and feels like a meal. Quickly is too sweet (urgh!). Easyway on Hobson street just got it right, good tasting tea, not too powdery, pearls are perfect and for the zillion of times I’ve been there – they’ve never got it wrong. Only at times, they ran out of pearls. This means they’re good and they do it right – not for profit!

Original milk tea with pearl.

I suggest going over to the place one night when you’re bored and order an original pearl milk tea. It’s only $4.90. If you’re feeling generous, go for a large, it’s only $5.50. If you buy 8, you get one free. I give this place a 9/10. Perfect drink.

6 thoughts on “Easyway

  1. Wow! That’s cheappp! And I didn’t know there was one on Hobson Street.. and I live on that street haha ><

    Hobson Street is a long street.. only ventured to around Denny’s area lol.

    I love them! Especially the original~ ^_^

    Should go there sometime~ I think there’s an easyway in Atrium and they once said they ran out…. which was the first time I’ve heard it T_T

  2. It’s really great. If you have a group of friends, you can hang out there.

    Also, remember to ask for the loyalty card, buy 8 and get 1 free. =)

    • Will do!

      I’m not going there as often anymore though. The prices are just going up, $6.90 for a large flavoured milk tea with pearl.

    • Nope 😦

      It was quite a handy place for good quality bubble tea. I suggest driving to Mt Roskill for J’s Tea. 🙂 Highly recommended.

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