Muzza’s Pies

Dear friends,

On a random autumn’s afternoon, I passed by a pie shop on Richardson Road. And there it was, Muzza’s Pie. From what I can tell, they’re freshly made and price-wise very reasonable. For $2.80 you can get a “home-made” mince pie, and for the steak pies, it’s around $3.40.

Steak and Cheese Pie.

Partly eaten pie.

I’ve always like fresh pies, especially steak and cheese. The meat in the pie is just what it is, meat! No creamy, goo-ey sauce like the commercial ones (Big Ben, Mrs Macs etc). There is still sauce but just the right amount.

A good recommendation for a good ol’ pie. 8/10 I’ll give this place.


3 thoughts on “Muzza’s Pies

  1. Not so much “home made” as made in the shop in front of you – real pies made by real people with real quality products.

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