Back in the old days, Dennys is the place to hang out. Actually, I should reword that. It was the ONLY place to hang out. That was about 8 years ago when I was in high school, and in Christchurch, where nothing opens beyond 7pm. Yes, it is very depressing. How glad I am 8 years later to end up in Auckland to have all these variety of food and for them to open late.

It was one late night (more like 9:30pm) and I was particularly hungry. Home food didn’t quite do it for me, even though it was good. So, I looked for a place and decided Dennys is the spot. This is the one at the corner of Victoria St and Hobson St, where the Esquires coffee shop is.

We ordered two items as shown below.

Satay chicken roll with fries.

Buffalo wings.

All in all, the cost is a bit on the high side (about $15 each). But where else can you get good ol’ Western food served 24 hours in Auckland. The satay chicken roll is probably one of my favourite dish back in 1999, and now, it sorta is. The buffalo wings are not bad, however it doesn’t really have the fried taste. The sour cream gave it a bit of a taste boost.

Overall, ain’t a bad place for some midnight cravings. Good range of food, a notable mention is the budget breakfast – pretty good! Only $6. I’ll give this place an 8/10. Though some branches are a bit lacking in service.

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