China Bar – Melbourne Special!

Yes, yes. You saw it right. It’s Melbourne! I was away for a little bit in Melbourne and ate some great food. Sushi rolls and Vietnamese buns are everywhere. If you have AUD2.50, you can get a salmon roll, or if you have a dollar more, go get a Vietnamese bun.

I hung out at the Wesfield shopping mall in Doncaster (it was where I was staying – work-related) and decided to pick China Bar. It seems like the most popular one and had to pick a dish from the long list. I finally chose the chilli prawns on rice because it looked good.

Chilli prawns on rice.

Overall, the environment is OK. It’s the mall. The dish was reasonable but quite expensive, AUD12.80. It wasn’t really quite chilli-ish, more like tomato-ish with lots of sugar. At least it had veges and prawns was a reasonable amount – enough for my seafood dosage for the day. I’ll give the place a 7/10. Dish didn’t quite live up to expectations and not cheap. I have a few more places to add in the few days so bear with me.

Melbourne – it certainly has a bit more variety than Auckland. C’mon Auckland – let’s do it!


One thought on “China Bar – Melbourne Special!

  1. I have never been treated with bad respect. No greeting as they don’t even know how to speak english, other people received their food before us as we were waiting for an hour, They didn’t let us know how long our food was going to be. One of our dishes we waited for was placed on the wrong table we asked again “where is our food?” she looked at the other table, took the dish and said
    “oh mistake, eat this, it hasn’t been touched,” we got up and left with disappointment. The worse thing was that they didn’t even apologized when we walked out as we waited for so long to be feed. Never going again!

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