T Mark

I have great things to say about this place. T Mark is located upstairs, above their chinese supermarket in Newmarket. If you know where East in Newmarket is, then T Mark is right opposite it. I know East (and Wagamama) has a neo-oriental arrangement but I think it’s not authentic enough. You must go for the real thing, the root of it all. There are so many places out there, so get out of your comfort zone! Plus, they’re much cheaper and more delicious!!!

The ladies behind the counters are polite and friendly, even in English (they would speak mainly Chinese Mandarin). T Mark has the home-cooked feel, and personally the soup noodle dishes are great. I’d recommend the fishballs ($6) as an entre or for sharing. They also have a fast food section which I call mixed rice, and those are flavoursome. You get 3 choices for that option. The ones that I usually go for are the herbal-ish noodle soups. The chicken noodle in sesame oil or the lamb soup is great for winter. I have got some pictures below.

Mixed rice – Simmering pork on rice.

Herbal lamb noodle soup.

Oh, the best thing about this place is the parking. It’s free as long as you eat and shop at T-mark. The soup dishes would cost around $10, and the rice dish is about $9. Overall, it’s good value for money and it’s great tasting. If you really can’t make a decision when you’re at T Mark, try the beef noodle soup! I’ll give this place a 9/10. The price is right and they never seem to get it wrong – plus parking is easy.

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