Il Mee

Good ol’ Korean food. Il Mee is located in Upper Queen St, where the other Korean restaurants are. For the guys, it’s the row of shops opposite the White House. A lot of selection of restaurants, so it’s difficult to pick which one is good. Generally, I go for the place which has more people. Haha.

Il Mee is generally not too bad. The environment is clean and tidy, and the staff are friendly. The place opens late which is good if you’re a late-eater. That night we ordered a variation of the Bibimbap and Beef Soup on rice. Most of the Korean soups have a Kimchi base. Il Mee has a standard offering of side dishes, and their fresh Kimchi is damn good! I strongly recommend it.

Beef soup with rice.


The two dishes above are good, the Bibimbap flavoursome, similarly with the Beef Soup. Although, the soup lacked the important items like…. beef. Prices were higher than the others, at least $10 for each dish. They have a large selection of Korean dishes, like the usual bolgogi (shredded meat) and BBQ buffet type arrangement.

Just on this occassion, I will give Il Mee an 7.5/10. Good tasting dishes, but not so good if you want to spend less than $10 on a dish. The next place I’ll review is much cheaper.


2 thoughts on “Il Mee

  1. Always had the yuk gae jang (spicy beef soup) and the amazingly TNT hot spicy squid on rice. Auckland’s a foodie’s lolly shop! 🙂

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