Bar in the Cafe

A notable mention.

Bar in the Cafe is located in the Newmarket Plaza, where all the asian food stalls are. This is the place where you can get asian drinks plus the usual. Their drinks are a tad overpriced. I’d say if you go to the Tofu Shop and compare the prices, it’d be cheaper at the Tofu Shop. But anyway, I guess it’s convenience. Their bubble tea is not one of my favourite because it’s too milky and sweet. It might suit some people. They also have various desserts.

I guess if you go to this place for a drink, you must try one thing – the Asian Coffee. It’s $3.50 for a “small” and $4 for a large. I say “small” because it’s actually quite large. The flavour is fantastic, it’s got strength and it’s cheap!

Asian coffee.

Overall, a drink place is not something I’d rate. Personally, the asian coffee is fantastic, otherwise, I wouldn’t buy anything else from there because I’m stingy. Haha.

MKOP (My Kind Of Place)

If you’re ever in Mission Bay, I used to say the first place you should go to is the Belgian Beer Cafe (De Fontein). Now I say, forget about them. They’re overated and their service is appaling. And if you’re into mussels, why not try Degree.

Anyway, enough about that. If you walk about a minute past the cinema, you will see an “Indian” restaurant – MKOP. It’s located in a strange place, right in between two restaurants and it’s quite hard to notice. During a nice Saturday afternoon, we tried this place and ordered two reasonably priced dishes – the Chicken Tower and Tandoori Chicken Salad.

Chicken Tower.

Tandoori Chicken Salad.

The good thing about MKOP is that it’s very well priced for lunch. I can’t remember clearly, but I believe both dishes cost around $16.50. It wasn’t something unreasonable for good quality food. The salad was a unique item, the Tandoori chicken really spiced it up. The Chicken Tower is just good value for money – the amont of chicken in there is quite generous. There are really no complaints. Perhaps I might try this place out for dinner.

Overall, I’d give this place an 8/10.


Sorry about the late postings. I actually have tons of reviews to do but got lazy. Also, a few changes in my life has affected me slightly. Anyway, that’s inexcusable (Tony Veicthy?) hehe!

Renkon is located in Parnell, in the basement. It’s hard to notice it but it’s somewhere near Burger Fuel. First thing I “notice” is the smell. It probably doesn’t help it being in a basement, thus no windows. And ventilation is probably in the kitchen or the doorway only. Anyway, the place is quite decent. We ordered two dishes, the Salmon Teriyaki on rice and Unagi Don. Both for $10 only! Don’t be deceived, the servings are relatively small compared to other places. But I think it’s good. It’s not an overkill and you don’t need to worry about “wasting” food if you’re on a diet.

Salmon Teriyaki on rice (sorry, hardly any lighting in the restaurant).

Unagi Don.

Overall, excellent place for a cheap Japanese meal. Only $10 per dish. Extra $3 for Miso Soup but who needs that when you can get an Unagi Don for $10. Highly recommended just for that dish. =) There is of course the usual suspect in the menu such as curry and katsu type dishes.

I am biased today, so I’ll give this place a 9/10. Good on ya’ Renkon. Affordable Japanese food in Parnell. You can’t complain!

The Middle East Cafe

Sorry for the long wait. It’s cold and work’s been hell. No excuse though as I have a backlog of reviews.

Anyway, this place is not bad. I was hungry after shopping at Smith and Caughey’s in town and found “The Middle East Cafe”. It’s located very near S+C on Wellesley Street in Auckland. Initially, it seems like a very small place, but in fact, it extends to the back. Also, from the window, we saw some of the dishes and it looks fantastic, so we tried it. Here are some dishes we experimented – the special and falafel.



The special is a full meal that has a mixture of falafel patties and lamb from the spit. The falafel has various fillings in it. Detailed description of their other meals is in their website. The lamb was well-cooked and the charcoal flavour is fantastic. The variety of flavours in the special meal and falafel is wonderful. Although the serving is small, it’s actually “enough”. So, good for someone who wants a unique meal at a reasonable price.

The falafel is $7.90, and the special is $18.50. Price-wise, that’s good for the unique flavour and reasonable serving size. Only problem, you’ve gotta be in town, because as you know, parking in Auckland CBD isn’t easy.

Overall, I’ll rate this place 8/10. It’s GOOD!