The Middle East Cafe

Sorry for the long wait. It’s cold and work’s been hell. No excuse though as I have a backlog of reviews.

Anyway, this place is not bad. I was hungry after shopping at Smith and Caughey’s in town and found “The Middle East Cafe”. It’s located very near S+C on Wellesley Street in Auckland. Initially, it seems like a very small place, but in fact, it extends to the back. Also, from the window, we saw some of the dishes and it looks fantastic, so we tried it. Here are some dishes we experimented – the special and falafel.



The special is a full meal that has a mixture of falafel patties and lamb from the spit. The falafel has various fillings in it. Detailed description of their other meals is in their website. The lamb was well-cooked and the charcoal flavour is fantastic. The variety of flavours in the special meal and falafel is wonderful. Although the serving is small, it’s actually “enough”. So, good for someone who wants a unique meal at a reasonable price.

The falafel is $7.90, and the special is $18.50. Price-wise, that’s good for the unique flavour and reasonable serving size. Only problem, you’ve gotta be in town, because as you know, parking in Auckland CBD isn’t easy.

Overall, I’ll rate this place 8/10. It’s GOOD!

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