Sorry about the late postings. I actually have tons of reviews to do but got lazy. Also, a few changes in my life has affected me slightly. Anyway, that’s inexcusable (Tony Veicthy?) hehe!

Renkon is located in Parnell, in the basement. It’s hard to notice it but it’s somewhere near Burger Fuel. First thing I “notice” is the smell. It probably doesn’t help it being in a basement, thus no windows. And ventilation is probably in the kitchen or the doorway only. Anyway, the place is quite decent. We ordered two dishes, the Salmon Teriyaki on rice and Unagi Don. Both for $10 only! Don’t be deceived, the servings are relatively small compared to other places. But I think it’s good. It’s not an overkill and you don’t need to worry about “wasting” food if you’re on a diet.

Salmon Teriyaki on rice (sorry, hardly any lighting in the restaurant).

Unagi Don.

Overall, excellent place for a cheap Japanese meal. Only $10 per dish. Extra $3 for Miso Soup but who needs that when you can get an Unagi Don for $10. Highly recommended just for that dish. =) There is of course the usual suspect in the menu such as curry and katsu type dishes.

I am biased today, so I’ll give this place a 9/10. Good on ya’ Renkon. Affordable Japanese food in Parnell. You can’t complain!


3 thoughts on “Renkon

  1. This is so scary I just had the Unagi last week! It’s definately good for its price! Also I like the baked octopus balls 😉

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