Bar in the Cafe

A notable mention.

Bar in the Cafe is located in the Newmarket Plaza, where all the asian food stalls are. This is the place where you can get asian drinks plus the usual. Their drinks are a tad overpriced. I’d say if you go to the Tofu Shop and compare the prices, it’d be cheaper at the Tofu Shop. But anyway, I guess it’s convenience. Their bubble tea is not one of my favourite because it’s too milky and sweet. It might suit some people. They also have various desserts.

I guess if you go to this place for a drink, you must try one thing – the Asian Coffee. It’s $3.50 for a “small” and $4 for a large. I say “small” because it’s actually quite large. The flavour is fantastic, it’s got strength and it’s cheap!

Asian coffee.

Overall, a drink place is not something I’d rate. Personally, the asian coffee is fantastic, otherwise, I wouldn’t buy anything else from there because I’m stingy. Haha.

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