This is a short post and without pictures – sorry! But it’s pretty much standard Korean food and apparently their hot pot is the thing to have. Pricing was OK – I think nothing was below $10, and for the hot pot dishes (large dishes with a mini stove), they’re at least $35. They’re located in upper Queen Street, one of the many Korean restaurants over there.

Annoying bit about this place – their side dishes are pathetic. There were at least 5 people on our table, and our side dishes could only feed 2, perhaps 3. Let me give you an example, the sweet potatoes had only 4 small potatoes, and our table had 5 people. And also another side dish, a glutinous rice ‘dumpling’ had only 4 tiny pieces. That’s hopeless, To make it worse, they hardly (or most likely hesitated) to top up.

My rating 5/10. C’mon guys – don’t be so stingy!

2 thoughts on “Buttumak

  1. Hi there – great idea for a blog! Any chance you could venture over Henderson way and rate a few places? Mind you, am happy enough with my locals. Flax Cafe on Henderson Valley Road is a terrific little caff; and The Hangar shows the rugby while dishing up fab food. We could really do with expanding our horizons 🙂

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