Okay, I am not a super big fan of Korean. They just happen to be everywhere, especially in the CBD. Don’t ask me, but it’s just there. One night after work I went with my girlfriend to Nol-Bu-Ne, a strangely located restaurant. It’s on 10 Wellesley Street, on the 1st Floor. So you need to use an elevator to access it, that means a bit of waiting.

I wasn’t going to do a review of this place because we’ve had our fair share of Korean food in this blog, and plus, the food was pretty much standard price ($10-ish). However, the thing that bugged me is disturbing.

As I was waiting for my order of Bul Go Gee (Beef dish), I went to the toilet to wash my hands. When I was in the toilet, one of the waiters went in there as well, and he didn’t wash his hands! Yes, no washing hands after going to the toilet to pee. Shocking!

Shame on you Nol-Bu-Ne! Not going back there, even though the guy was serving food only, I was pretty much disgusted. No rating for them at all, WASH YOUR HANDS after you go to the toilet boys. It’s not that hard.

3 thoughts on “Nol-Bu-Ne

  1. its an unfortunate reality – part timers that dont give a shite that brings down the hard-working, owner operated eating establishments

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