I know the above restaurant is not unique to Auckland. But it’s everywhere in and around the city, so it’s a notable mention. Of all the food you can buy in Nando’s, I guess the most famous dish is the quarter or half chicken, perhaps with a side dish such as peri peri chips. It’s an all-time favourite. In this particular review, I tried something different. The chicken livers with portuguese roll. It’s a relatively cheap dish, costing less than the meat dishes (around $8.90) and it’s got a unique flavour.

Chicken Livers with Portuguese Roll.

To me, I’ve eaten livers before, pork and chicken so it wasn’t a shock to me. The flavour is unique and I strongly think people should give it a try. The peri peri sauce usually masks most of the livery taste and with the portuguese roll, it’s not a bad dish at all.

Rating this particular dish is hard, because it’s not for everyone. Personally, I’d give it a 7/10 simply because I think it’s not a mainstream dish but it’s not terrible food.


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