BBQ King

I knew this place through a friend of mine. I was new to Auckland that time, and was amazed since Christchurch never really had the atmosphere. As the name implies, BBQ King have a great selection of BBQ dishes. It’s like little Hong Kong in Auckland. I think it’s fantastic. The first thing you get when you have a sit is a bowl of complimentary soup and tea. Real service. Personally, I never really had anything other than the combination rice because I think it’s great. The other stuff just looks more Europeanised (sweet & sour, wontons etc), no offense!

The complimentary soup has a strong flavour with meat and carrots, and to be honest, it’s damn good for free soup. I tried two “different” types of combination rice at BBQ King recently, different meaning I always have the BBQ Pork and Soya Sauce Chicken, and if they didn’t have it, I’ll try the Soya Baked Chicken or Roast Duck.

Personally, I recommend a two Combination meal, it gives a bit of variety and costs only $11. Plus, it’s enough for two people! So if you’re only buying for one person (i.e. yourself) then you have the option to pack it home in a container to bring home. Pretty good eh?

Complimentary Soup.

Combination Rice 2 – BBQ Pork and Soya Baked Chicken.

Combination Rice 2 – BBQ Pork and Soya Sauce Chicken.

For this occassion, I quite like the rice meals. No complaints at all. Large portions and quick service. However, BBQ King is located in the central city which can be difficult in terms of parking. If you want to know where it is, it’s in a small road off Queen Street near the Qantas Building.

In terms of rating, just for the serving size, flavour and freebies, I’ll give them a 9/10, and only if you try the meat combination dishes!


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