Jolin Shanghai Restaurant

I can’t remember clearly how I got these pictures – but I did, so I have no choice but to  “review” it. I googled this restaurant’s name and guess what, there were a couple of reviews, one with pictures HERE and one without but is quite descriptive HERE. Both had generally above average-ish reviews. So, do have a look at those first before you read my biased version!

The main reason for coming to this place was the first impression I got. Earlier in the year, I used to venture through Dominion Road often, for some apparent reason. I always seem to notice this “green” coloured restaurant which looked packed every night (it’s near Foodtown Mt Eden). Perhaps it’s the condensation giving that illusion – who knows. I was craving for something one night and knew Jolin would be open late-ish, so I decided to try it out. I selected one of their hot pot dishes as shown below:

Chicken Hot Pot.

Another view of the above.

Personally, this hot pot is not my kind of thing but it did the job of satisfying my hunger. It was quite a spicy dish and rather difficult to eat as well because of the bones. Just looking around, I saw some dishes that looked good (and even on the pictures) and I believe Jolin really try their best to appeal to the wider community i.e. Kiwis etc.

No ratings tonight. I don’t even remember the price of the dish but definitely not below $15. Yes, yes I’m being a bit of a slack for not doing a proper review. But hey, at least you’ll know how the dishes roughly look like. And from the other reviews, it seems like there are good dishes that you can try here.


2 thoughts on “Jolin Shanghai Restaurant

  1. mmmmm…. Come on…. have more reviews.. I seriously loveeee your blog…. it’s where I would refer to when I need food and craving!!! WELL DONE!! Keep it up! 🙂

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