Gloria Jeans Coffee (Dressmart)

I feel a bit bad about writing this post, but I feel I had to express my disgust at one of the coffee shops in Dressmart. Gloria Jeans Coffee is a ‘specialty’ coffee retailer and a franchise organisation. So every GJ shop you see is a franchise, which typically means it’s owned and managed by a local.

I am a frequent traveller to Dressmart; obviously because they have the best range of clothes and at cheap prices. You seriously can’t complain. They have a few coffee shops in Dressmart to give shoppers a rest and have a cup of coffee. On two occassions I’ve tried the GJ coffee shop and twice their drinks just tasted like sh*t. I mean, when you pay $4.40 plus for ‘specialty’ coffee, you want to get the best for your money.

Trust me, for this *particular* shop, I don’t think they deserve to be a GJ franchise and should have new management. This is the story, a couple of weeks ago, I tried the mud slide mocha. On the picture it looked great but in reality, it looked like they just decided to rebrand a cup of brown-coloured frothy milk with too much sugar in it. And most recently, I tried the small iced GJ coffee, and it’s basically a cup of milk + espresso + syrup + ice. This franchise made it in less than 1 minute. That’s about it, nothing special and usually no problem to me. But for $4.40, I was expecting something special and it was just reconstituted milk + too much syrup.

And I feel bad writing about this because I know some people who own a GJ franchise. On this occassion, this branch is pathetic. I think they were trying to cut cost, or plainly can’t make coffee. I tried it twice (giving them a 2nd chance) and seriously, they just can’t make coffee.

A rating is no use for this Gloria Jeans in Dressmart. All I can say, don’t try it. Go to the Starbucks. In fact, I make better instant coffee than this place, and I am serious!

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