Valentino’s Gelato

It’s been a while since I’ve tried a gelato, and it was quite interesting to see this place in the city. Valentino’s Gelato is located at the Auckland Ferry Building. You could say it’s quite close to the Britomart, or you can definitely see it when you’re taking a ferry to Waiheke or Devonport. I sampled their Passionfruit gelato for $4.50. Picture below:

Passionfruit gelato.

Just a couple of comments, apparently this flavour is an “award winner”. But personally, I think it’s a tad too sour, and thus took quite a bit of effort to enjoy it. I’ve also tried the chocolate a couple of weeks ago, which is also an “award winner”.  To me, it was a bit too sweet for my liking. They’re definitely not the only gelato shops I’ve seen. I’ve spotted one in Mission Bay and another in Newmarket (same business I believe).

If you don’t know what a gelato is, have a look at the Wiki entry. From my knowledge, they’re more flavourful and less fattening (slightly) than ice cream. The problem with gelato is unfamiliar terriroty. I’m always thinking, “Which one?”

In terms of rating, Valentino’s Gelato gets a 7/10. My last two trips there have been average, the flavours are a bit too intense for me (sour + sweet).

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