Cova Cafe

This review is sorta an oldie but a goodie. I went to this place ages ago. Cova Cafe is one of those oddly-placed cafes in malls. It’s very near Esprit in 277 Westfield Newmarket. I live around the area and shop there quite often. I’ve had breakfast around the area also – and my general conclusion, there are some mediocre breakfastfood (up in the food court on Level 2), and some which are very good (along Remuera Road).

I’ve always found it hard to justify eating breakfast for more than $10 per person. If you include the coffee, that’s at least $3 extra. But hey, sometimes there are places that’s a must-try.

Ordered the French toast breakfast at Cova Cafe for around $15 (can’t remember exactly) and it sure looked good. Check out the picture.


French Toast Breakfast.

No ratings cause it’s just one dish. French toast, with warm toasted bananas, maple syrup and bacon – excellent way to start the day? It was packed with people as well. I wonder how Zarbo is like compared to them? Perhaps, I’ll pay them a visit.

3 thoughts on “Cova Cafe

  1. Wow. That picture just looks like they just packed on the bananas and other random food… can’t exactly see the french toast…. just the bananas..

  2. ya it does loook so good, i love french toast…and this is making me drool now! thanks huh! haha…havent tried cova before but will pop by now that i know u’ve been there!! Thanks! I find it harder to find nice “western cafes” as there are so many and it’s quite hard to judge how the food will be like by the outside….because normally the smaller and more hidden the cafe the nicer it is.

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