Mondo – Christchurch Special

It’s been a while and I’m absolutely drained from my trip to Chirstchurch. Yes, yes – you heard me. I am from Christchurch. So it makes me appreciate what I (or we) have in Auckland, in terms of the amazing variety here – good and bad.

I had lunch with a good friend on Sunday at this place called Mondo. It’s located on High Street, near the Atami Bath House. =) I spent $22 on my lunch, that’s about $17 on my potato mash, and about $5 for my Charlie’s Feijoa drink. Boy do they make a killing from innocent consumers like us. Personally, food was OK but not the best. I didn’t feel that fantastic and satisfied after spending on what could be two very good dishes somewhere else.

I don’t have pictures or anything, so it’s hard for me to show. It does look good, but portion is small. Apparently Mondo is a premium deli cafe. Premium my ass, it’s just an overpriced wannabe cafe slash furniture store.

Anyway, I don’t recommend it. There are better places out there.

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