Food Alley

The Food Alley. Yes, yes, yes.

I’ve always wanted to try this place. But I couldn’t be bothered because parking is extremely difficult to find and they have too many choices. Perhaps that’s why they’ve won the Best Cheap Eats last year – lots of competition for pricing and better tasting food.

Food Alley is on Albert Street, more towards downtown. There were many places that I sampled. Some of them are as below:



Chicken Rice Large.

Chicks is serving purely chicken dishes. The above dish is $9 and it’s not bad. I thought the soup was a bit luke warm. Most of their dishes is below $10 which is good for those cheapos like me. However, overall it did not impress me.

Waroeng Wardani Indonesian Food 


Seafood Balado.


Ox Tail Soup on Rice.

Both dishes were $11 each. I thought the Balado was quite good. The seafood was the “fake” seafood, so perhaps my next try would be chicken or something. The Ox Tail is unique. Overall, not bad. Something I’d try again. There isn’t a lot of Indonesian places around.

Umaiya Japanese Cuisine


Chicken Bento.

The above was $10.50 and it had a lot of stuff. I thought it was a good dish and damn good value for money. It’s definitely worth a try for a value meal. But Japanese food tends to be the same all the time, so it wasn’t very exciting. 

I can’t exactly give a rating for this place – it’s a bit unfair since I haven’t tried everything else. There is definitely a lot of choices, and each with their own strength and weaknesses. I’d say try the Indonesian place which is right at the back of the food court.

9 thoughts on “Food Alley

  1. i am very happy warung Wardani in Auckland, i am from Indonesia, everytime i i ate chicken balado feels like at home, the taste is authentic. some of the meals its not the same as in Indonesia. I saw some of the western there try beef or chicken balado, the balado meals was extremly very hot but it is so good, good for the Indonesian Tummy.

  2. I come across your website as i was doing google on “eat asian”, it was fun to read them!

    I noticed you gave Oh Calcutta a good rating of 9/10, if you like Indian food then i must insist you should try punjabi dhaba!!
    Just like Oh Calcutta it is not the normal foodcourt indian food, so it is be a bit dear, they reently having a “happy hour” promotion!
    i strongly suggest you try Dal Makhni and Biriyani rice! YUMMY! Got both of my Indians rate the place simply the best Indian place in Auckland!

    Speak of foodcourt on Albert street.. try the Thai food on the bottom floor next to the drink station! A kiwi friend tld me (who use to hang out a lot wz Thais) they got the most authentic Thai street food in Auckland.
    Claypot rice was the BEST claypot rice til the original owner sold the place to other people! …sad! i still miss their tofu claypot in my dream.

    by the way..i find a nice place for brunch, if you into walk on beach, ice cream thing…try papermoon, Mairangi bay..they got great brunch, after the meal can have a walk on the beach with yummy ice cream!! Hmmm… Romantic! 😀

  3. man… Chicks used to serve up some fine, satisfy-those-huge-cravings Hainanese Chicken Rice dishes (the secret was in the bean sauce if used wisely).

    I’m afraid this place has gone downhill after various changes in ownership (an Indian national used to run the place once; and served the chicken with basmati rice. wtf Basmati rice??!!! no, oh no no..)

    On another occasion (after some changes again in ownership or si fu), the rice was undercook and the chicken… it was just plain sad… oh so very sad.

    • Yeah, I have to agree. Chicks doesn’t appear to ooze with quality. Nowadays, if I do pop into Food Alley, I go to the Indonesian place.

    • That’s really sad. I used to frequent the stall in the early to mid noughties and the chicken rice was excellent. I also use to get the Indonesian fried chicken to complement the meal.
      Wonder if the Malaysian stall is till open on the 1st floor? Had the best spicy lamb curry ever!

      • I think it still has. But personally I only go there for the Indonesian Food. =) But I used to go to that Malaysian place quite a bit many years ago.

  4. While we’re on food centres, the one in Albert St closest to the wharf has a stall that serves one of the best chilli-oil beef dishes I’ve ever tasted. You can’t miss the dish as a few stalls serve it up. You can literally see the dried chilli bits in the oil but the meat is oh so tender!

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