Full House Korean Restaurant

Ahhh. Not another Korean restaurant. Yes, another one.

Full House Korean Restaurant is hidden on Eliott Street. You’ve gotta really spot it. Initially, you’d think it’s a strip club with all the neon lights outside and it’s apparently underground. The selection of this place is based on the fact that the bloody Atrium foodcourt was closed. Plus, it was a “recommendation” from a work colleague.

Two usual dishes were sampled. Have a look.


BBQ Pork with Rice.


Potato and Pork Rib Soup with Rice.


Side Dishes.

Both of the main dishes were $12. I thought the BBQ Pork tasted quite good. It was flavoursome and dry. Soup was OK. The pricing was OK also, a bit on the “premium” side for another run of the mill Korean restaurant. Furthermore, they limit the side dishes due to recession (stated on the menu and entrance). I thought that was pretty cheeky considering that they were already charging $12. Personally, it wasn’t too bad, but nothing special.

My rating is 7/10. Same old same old. There are more places which are cheaper. But good to try if you really can’t walk towards Queen St for the hundreds of Korean restaurants there (and cheaper).

3 thoughts on “Full House Korean Restaurant

  1. Thank you for your feedback regarding your visit to our restaurant. We appreciate all feedback good or bad because it helps us improve the quality of our service and food. I would like to respond to a couple of things regarding your review.

    Full House serves a wider assortment of dishes compared to the average “run of the mill” Korean restaurant in Auckland and the prices are actually very competitive and not at a “premium”. Like us, nearly all Korean restaurants in Auckland today charges between $10-$12 for most entrees. Obviously, some dishes may be more or less depending on the restaurant, but all in all, the prices are very similar. However, there is more to the food than just the pricing. We also have to look at the quality of the food itself. We serve a lot more customers than the average Korean restaurant in Auckland and the heavy foot traffic allows us to prepare our dishes using only the freshest ingredients rather than the artificial flavoring used by most other Korean restaurants. Furthermore, we offer a much wider variety of complimentary sides than other restaurants.

    As for the side dishes, we are very flexible with that rule especially when it comes to bigger parties. This rule was enforced not because of the recession, but we’ve had many small groups abusing the amount of refill requests. For example, we’ve had small groups ordering only one entree and sharing the side dishes amongst the entire group. The amount of refill requests for some have gotten a little out of hand, so we implemented this rule to protect ourselves from any customer confrontations during these scenarios. I would also like to mention that NO Korean restaurant offers unlimited side dishes. As a matter of fact, we are one of the more generous Korean restaurants today.

    Thanks again for your business and taking the time to provide us useful, productive feedback. We hope overall that you had a positive experience in our restaurant and will visit us again soon. Take care.

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