The Juicery

The Juicery!

Ever since this little place popped out, I’ve enjoyed their juice variety. I think it’s refreshing. It’s an alternative to the sugary fizzy drinks. I have not tried the smoothies but they look good as well (I am more of a juice guy). The Juicery is located at 72 Albert St, close to the corner of Wyndham and Albert St. One sample below:

Apple, carrot and ginger juice.

If you click on the link above (their website), they have their menu and prices. For a small size juice, it’s $5. Personally, I think it’s reasonable, and better than the other commercial place, Tank Juice. It’s fresh and a very unique place. Oh, apparently, if you buy 8, you get one free!

Try it out. My rating, 9.5/10. I like this place.

Herbal Legend

I heard this place was THE place to eat Shanghai food. Herbal Legend is located on Dominion Road at Mt Eden. It’s close to the shopping area where Foodtown is.  The first time I went to this place, I couldn’t get a spot and had to settle for somewhere else to eat. This time though, I didn’t have any problems finding a spot. However, it is noticeably packed for some reason and I wanted to know why.

Cumin Lamb with Bread.

Sweet & Sour Pork Rib.

Mapo Tofu

The prices for the dishes in this restaurant range quite a bit. The cumin lamb is $22 and appears to be the most popular dish. The sweet and sour pork is $16 and the Ma Po tofu is $10. Out of the 3 dishes, I didn’t like the Ma Po tofu cause it was kinda average, however the other two wasn’t too bad. I quite like the cumin lamb with the bread. One thing I realised is the ridiculous speed they made the dishes! I think it took less than 10 mins for them to prepare the 3 dishes above, which leads to the question – how so? Probably they had like 10 chefs in the kitchen or it was too easy to cook? Who knows.

Anyway, I did hear good things about this place but in the end, I found that it was alright. Perhaps it doesn’t suit my palate. The price is great and service not too bad (friendly I thought). Taste is OK as I said before. Ratings 7.5/10. Perhaps might suit some people, but not me.

Elliot Stables

There is a nice little place in town called Elliott Stables, evidently on Elliott Street in the Auckland CBD. I’ve always noticed it, but never dared to go in. Then somehow, I went out with a few work colleagues and noticed it’s not that scary after all. It’s just like a food court but very unique. It’s as if you’re not in New Zealand at all.

Elliott Stables is right opposite Smith & Caughey. If you know where the Kapiti ice cream shop is, it’s in there. There’s many restaurants / cafes in Eliott Stables and I have only eaten at two places (Torchon French Creperie and Frankies Wurstbude). Have a look.

Torchon French Creperie

Torchon French Creperie - Sweet Crepe

Banana, Honey and Almonds Crepe.

Torchon French Creperie - Mushroom n Chicken

Mushroom in a cream and white wine sauce  (with chicken) galette.

Torchon French Creperie - Breakfast

Breakfast galette.

Frankies Wurstbude

Frankies Wurstbude

Sausage in fresh bread roll.

I have to admit, I like the French place. You have two choices, you can either have a meal that’s like a real meal (galette) or a dessert (crepe). The choices are very good and mouth-watering. The above is one of a few I’ve tried. There are others, the salmon, ratatouille and many more. The prices for the galettes can range quite a bit, the mushroom was $14.50. The crepes can range in price as well, in this case, the above was $8.50. I think pricing wise it’s very reasonable and taste is great.

I’ve also tried the sausage place, the sausage in a roll was  $10.50 (which is a lunch special). I’ve also tried the Chilli Dog, which was ($12.50. They also have a website.

Personally, I like the environment in Elliott Stables. If you ask for my opinion, you must try Torchon French Creperie. The options are really good and hasn’t disappointed me yet. Frankies Wurstbude is also not too bad if you’re craving protein and carbohydrate (like all men!).

For Elliott Stables, overall, 9.5/10. Highly recommended for these two places. I haven’t tried the others yet!

Citron Vert

Citron Vert is a cafe that I’ve always wanted to go. During the rainy or lazy days, I use the Link bus to work and I’ve always noticed it because it is just next to to one of the bus stops in Parnell. I can always smell the fresh (good?) coffee and people just reading / relaxing in there.

So, one Sunday morning I decided to go there and experience it. The menu appears to have a good selection and the coffee smells great. We decided to sample the burger and sandwich, pictures below:

Jamaican Chicken Burger.

Steak Sandwich.

The burger is $16 and sandwich $19.50. The coffee was around the usual prices ($3-4). I quite like the environment in there, very nice and cosy especially during a sunny day. Coffee is good. The food is also great and reasonably priced. The sandwich / burger dish had to be “separated” to properly eat it if you know what I mean. 🙂 Funny thing is that the food was made / prepared by Asians.

Anyway, I quite like the place. It’s not overpriced, decent service and good coffee 8.5/10.

Oh Calcutta

It’s not very often I go to Indian restaurants, especially for “fine dining”. So, this was a treat for me. Also, I’ve always wanted to try the place out as I drove or walked past it many times. Oh Calcutta is based in Parnell, very near Movenpick and parking isn’t too difficult to find if you know your way around the narrow back streets. I tried a variety of the food – see below.

Complimentary Papadums.

Oh Calcutta Mix Platter.

Dipping Sauce for Mix Platter.

Punjabi Saag Ghosht.

Prawn Malabari Curry.

Garlic Naan Bread.

I’d say before you go to this place, it’s not the standard foodcourt Indian and the environment is totally different. Therefore, be prepared to pay for higher than usual prices. Thank goodness I had my Entertainment card to soothe the pain. 🙂

There was free Papadums when I was initially seated and I noticed the waiters were quite friendly. For the entre, I asked for the mixed platter which is $9 per person, very good I think and I get to try almost everything in the entre menu. I also ordered the Mango lassi and it’s not for the faint-hearted, it’s sweet and thick. I wasn’t sure how much it was, probably like $6. The mains we had were the Punjabi Saag Ghosht, $22 and the Prawn Malabari Curry, $23. A garlic naan bread was ordered as a side, $4. The rice came along with the food for no charge (I think), and I didn’t manage to finish the rice.

Overall,  I quite like the place. Although I have to admit the inside was a bit too dark for my liking. Perhaps some dimmed lights might have helped. The service was acceptable. The price was reasonable. The quality of the food were very good especially the entre. I wasn’t disappointed at all, only except the fact that I couldn’t finish everything. Personally, I think it’s worth a try if you’re bringing your partner to Parnell for a romantic dinner, and all you can think of is Indian food!

My rating, 9/10. Good food. No complaints.

Eiji Japanese Cuisine

My first post for the year. I hope everyone had a good holiday.

I went to Eiji for lunch with a couple of friends sometime before Christmas. I didn’t even know this place existed especially in the suburbs (St Heliers). I guess you have to be living around there.

Unagi Kabayaki Bento.

Zangi Don.

Salad Side.

First of all the service is great, I guess Japanese restaurant staff tend to be more friendly. The food is quite good, although the price is a bit on the high side, we had the Entertainment card to reduce some of the costs.

The bento costs $22 and the don $14, which is quite reasonable. Although I have to admit, realistically it will be difficult for most people to go to Eiji as it is not “centralised”. But it’s worth a try especially if you’re at the beach in Mission Bay, or have friends / relatives in that area.

My rating is a favourable 8.5/10. Very good.