Elliot Stables

There is a nice little place in town called Elliott Stables, evidently on Elliott Street in the Auckland CBD. I’ve always noticed it, but never dared to go in. Then somehow, I went out with a few work colleagues and noticed it’s not that scary after all. It’s just like a food court but very unique. It’s as if you’re not in New Zealand at all.

Elliott Stables is right opposite Smith & Caughey. If you know where the Kapiti ice cream shop is, it’s in there. There’s many restaurants / cafes in Eliott Stables and I have only eaten at two places (Torchon French Creperie and Frankies Wurstbude). Have a look.

Torchon French Creperie

Torchon French Creperie - Sweet Crepe

Banana, Honey and Almonds Crepe.

Torchon French Creperie - Mushroom n Chicken

Mushroom in a cream and white wine sauce  (with chicken) galette.

Torchon French Creperie - Breakfast

Breakfast galette.

Frankies Wurstbude

Frankies Wurstbude

Sausage in fresh bread roll.

I have to admit, I like the French place. You have two choices, you can either have a meal that’s like a real meal (galette) or a dessert (crepe). The choices are very good and mouth-watering. The above is one of a few I’ve tried. There are others, the salmon, ratatouille and many more. The prices for the galettes can range quite a bit, the mushroom was $14.50. The crepes can range in price as well, in this case, the above was $8.50. I think pricing wise it’s very reasonable and taste is great.

I’ve also tried the sausage place, the sausage in a roll was  $10.50 (which is a lunch special). I’ve also tried the Chilli Dog, which was ($12.50. They also have a website.

Personally, I like the environment in Elliott Stables. If you ask for my opinion, you must try Torchon French Creperie. The options are really good and hasn’t disappointed me yet. Frankies Wurstbude is also not too bad if you’re craving protein and carbohydrate (like all men!).

For Elliott Stables, overall, 9.5/10. Highly recommended for these two places. I haven’t tried the others yet!

2 thoughts on “Elliot Stables

  1. Have you tried the roast pork & roast duck on rice at Newmarket Plaza. I think it’s called the Golden Duck takeaway. It opposite the Newmarket Plaza food court beside the bakery which is beside the badminton shop.

    The Roast pork & duck is like nothing you’ve ever tasted. I rate it 10/10, wanted to see your opinion.

    • Ah.. I’ve tried it a long time ago and it wasn’t too bad. I do know the guy is Indonesian.

      But I haven’t been craving roast pork / duck for a long time! When I do, I will definitely try it out 🙂

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