Choice Bakery (Newmarket)

This chinese bakery resides in the heart of Newmarket Plaza – it is sometimes unnoticeable. To be honest, they are better off that way. I bought a bun which tasted like shite and the attitude from the cashier is not what you’d like a cashier to be. No greeting of any sort.

I’d rather buy my chinese bakery from a CBD dairy rather from this place. Shame on you!


6 thoughts on “Choice Bakery (Newmarket)

  1. The customer service can be improved at times.
    Have you tried the new pumpkin and kumara breads?
    They’re quite good. I like the pumpkin one the best.

    Btw if you’re looking for other asian bakeries, you should try going to the one in birkenhead (opposite a chinese supermarket and Baker’s Delight). It’s reeeally good, the bread’s always fresh and the price is good too (about $2 for a bun).

    There’s also tastee bakery (not that great though. The cakes don’t taste that nice in my opinion), Classic Bake house (pretty good), and Rio.

    I also found this blog post on asian bakeries, if you were interested in having a read.

  2. I think that choice bakery is quite good. you should seriously try their cakes. i love their coconut bread, chocolate/lemon swiss roll and sweet red bean bread!

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