Malay Restaurant

Malay Restaurant was opened recently in Newmarket – very near to T Mark and Archie’s restaurant. It’s a fresh competitor for Malaysian food in the Newmarket area, competing against Selera, MyStop and Laksa House. My first impression was good – from outside I think it shows a lot of promise, quite nice decorations and appears to have authentic Malay food. So, it was harmless to give this place  a try – samples below:

Prawn Noodle Soup.

Mee Goreng.

Curry Chicken on Rice.

If I can remember, each dish was $9.90. The food was not horrible but not that great. It’s still an alternative Malaysian food place and well situated as well. Parking is not that hard to find especially at night. But I thought some of the dishes had too much MSG. Hopefully, someone can recommend something else they tried here and was great, but for now I am not sure if I’ll be back.

Rating = 7/10.


7 thoughts on “Malay Restaurant

  1. The food here is only edible. I would not recommend to anyone. I also tried their meat jerky (bakkwa). Too much sugar and msg. I have to vote them the worst malaysian restaurant. Very dissapointed.

  2. Dear Foodie Doodie,

    Thanks for your honest feedback.

    My name is Evelyn and we have just taken over the management of Malay Restaurant since end Nov 2011.

    We have a new chef Gan of Teluk Intan, Malaysia. He is fondly known in Auckland as “uncle Tuck” and his specialties are Fish Head Vermicelli, Oatmeal Prawns, Kangkong with Cuttlefish and Curry Fish Head. We also believe he serves up a mean Wat Tan Hor and Char Kuay Tiaw!

    But we don’t want you to just take our word for it, of course…we would very much like to invite you over for a meal (on the house!) anytime between Christmas and the New Year. We’re open Tue to Sun. Simply identify yourself as Foodie Doodie and we’ll try our darndest to redeem our trading name!

    BTW, we no longer serve beef/pork jerky or any of the preservative stuff. We keep MSG to the minimum and use only the freshest of ingredients. We are happy to email you some photos of our signature dishes, if you like.

    Have a Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks for your feedback, very much appreciated. I don’t mean to offend but sometimes I do speak my mind regarding food. I will definitely return but not anytime soon as I’m overseas. I look forward to trying your suggestions. As usual, I will be anonymous but thank you for your offer 🙂 I am definitely impressed with your response.

    • This restaurant unfortunately closed down. It has been replaced by an Indian restaurant which also closed down. Now it is Momo Tea there, traffic wise it is not as popular as Archies! The Japanese Teppanyaki next to this is very good.

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