If you’re sick of going to town, here’s an alternative food place to try. It’s in Remuera Mall and hidden at the back. Allocated parking is available below or you can park on the street (free of course). They have the standard Japanese stuff – sushi, donburi, udon etc. But I usually go to this place for its Korean food. I believe they are Korean owners anyway but please correct me if I am wrong. However, I think they may have new owners as the dishes are different tasting, but the menu is still the same. The friendly old fella is no longer there! 😦


Strangely, while dining here I bumped into a lady who was curious about our dish and started small talk. Apparently she is a widow and wanting to know if we knew anyone she could meet at her age. I couldn’t recommend anyone, except asking her to try a dating website. Sorry – that was my best answer, and honestly it was a genuine answer, as I do know a lot of divorcees using dating website. Forgive me but I digress, I thought it was worth noting.

Ordered the bibimbap $13, and bulgogee $14. Both dishes came with miso soup and side dishes. The dishes are not bad, just a couple of things to note, the bibimbap lacks “colour” i.e. a variety of veggies , and side dishes are all pickled-type. Maybe I’m just picky or too used to the other owner. This place is still worth a try. Lots of people here seem to go for the Japanese.


Sides and Rice


Miso soup





Daikoku Ramen @ Victoria Street

Another rainy day in Auckland, and another attempt to find parking in the CBD for good Ramen. It’s hard to find it these days, I mean the ramen places, not parking – that’s just normal now. Aucklanders, give me some options, cause this is the only one I usually go to.

Anyway, for any Japanese feed, there’s always an urge for “sides”. So this place has it all, extra corn, extra this, extra that. It’s even got sushi and rice options if you’re sick of ramen. We ordered the usual, tonkotsu and tonkotsu-shoyu ramen, both $10 each. Extras are fried rice $4 and gyoza $6.50. It’s not gonna break the bank so I like this place. I do wish the place was a little brighter, not sure what’s the deal with Japanese dining places and darkness. I can think similar places for the dungeon-like decor i.e. Heizo and Renkon (Parnell).

The ramens are always a favourite, the flavours of the soup is what I always go for. Don’t expect a huge portion but I think it’s enough. If you’re hungry – get the extras. I guess that’s why they’re there! The fried rice and gyoza – can’t complain. Also, the staff are friendly.


Tonkotsu Ramen


Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen



Fried Rice



Pho Viet

It was one of those days again, I manage to drag myself into the urban jungle of Auckland in search for a soup noodle during a cold-ish, wet spring. Actually, I had a craving for my favourite Vietnamese food – the beef noodle soup. I believe they call this the Pho Bo Tai (as per the menu). $11 I get a pretty decent-sized bowl of noodles. It’s refreshing and tasty. My partner-in-crime says otherwise, the meat may not be fresh but I can’t tell. The other items on Pho Viet are not so appealing, so if there are experts for this place, let me know. I am generally happy the Vietnamese cuisine has a lot more options now in the CBD. The Banh Mi is still relatively expensive here in Auckland. Not sure how the Ozzies manage to keep the prices down for this particular dish.

Pho Viet is reasonably priced and as I mentioned, I only buy the beef noodle soup. The environment is within a food court so expect lots of students and young people around the area. You might spot an oldie like me around too.


Pho Bo Tai

Heizo Teppanyaki Restaurant

Hidden in Newmarket is this delightful Teppanyaki restaurant. If you’re lucky enough to be in Newmarket on a week day, try this place out. It’s a little small and dark but that’s no drama. I’m mighty impressed with the quality of food for a $15 lunch plate. I’m only focusing on the lunch plates, I believe there are 6 sets (chicken, salmon, seafood, beef patty, eye fillet and scotch fillet).

We tried the chicken and scotch fillet lunch plate. The sides include rice, salad and miso soup. The lunch plates include the meat, broccoli, potatoes and tomato. Yum yum sauce is offered, so accept this good gesture from the cook. This is a good wholesome meal for $15. Worth a try if you’re having lunch in Newmarket… on a weekday. 🙂


Chicken Lunch Plate


Scotch Fillet Lunch Plate




Pappa Rich

I’ve been meaning to go to this place for quite a while but I heard about the high prices – me being a cheapo, it took a while for me to finally pay a visit. Since I don’t live in the CBD, it’s not easy to find parking in town – any Aucklander would know this. Sucks.

Ordered the following below, forgive me about the Roti Telur, started before taking photos, then realised I wanted to do a post. Sorry fellas but it does look a little better 🙂


Nasi Lemak Chicken Curry with Prawn


Chicken Rice


Roti Telur



Nasi Lemak was a special one, it has the prawn sambal on top of the chicken curry, I think that cost $17.90. The chicken rice $15.90, roti telur $9 and kopi $3.90. The interior / environment is actually quite nice and ordering the food requires you to fill in a form. The usual Pappa Rich style of ordering. I used to eat at this place in Singapore all the time when I was working there – mainly because they took my corporate AMEX!

I recommend the nasi lemak and chicken rice. It’s nice and large portions. The roti telur is not bad but can’t compare to the original Malaysia roti. It’s a good snack and worth a try. The kopi is nice but too sweet and not hot enough. I’d skip this and go to the nearby Cha Time! 🙂  In fact, the orders came in sporadically. I guess that’s typically Malaysian order. I’m not used to this clustered type of food arrivals. Drives me nuts! Sort it out!!

The price of the meals here compared to all the recent Malaysian places I’ve been eating at (i.e. Mamak, KK, Rasa Sayang, Selera, Sri Mahkota), this place is quite expensive. Some dishes I notice are already close to $20 but I guess there are reasons. Pappa Rich is still worth a try and do let me know what you think.

Casablanca @ Sylvia Park

What do you do when it’s raining during the weekend? The mall. Maybe you guys do different things – but Sylvia Park is a good option if you really don’t want to go to the Museum or watch daytime TV.  It’s not a megamall yet but it’s going to get better after September. H&M and Zara are going to be in New Zealand if you are a brands kinda person.

Anyway, halfway shopping we needed to find food. Rather than going to the crowded food court, there’s a place where it’s less crowded, Casablanca. Typically I get the lunch plate and ordered the lamb ($18.50) and chicken ($16.50) option. However, they got one of our orders wrong, giving us the falafel option ($14.50). Instead of keeping the falafel lunch plate, it was offered to us for free – good on ya!


Falafel Lunch Plate


Lamb Lunch Plate


Chicken Lunch Plate

It’s a nice variety for the lunch plates and reasonable price. Service is good and the other options for lunch are quite tempting too. If you can’t make a decision, I’d say go for the chicken lunch plate. “Smokey” chicken with lots of salad on the side.

Kampung Delights @ Food Alley

After a 4 year hiatus, I am back. Sorry guys. Work and life kept me extremely busy during 2012-2015 – I can explain later. Plus, I forgot my password along the way, yes – poor excuse!

Anyway, I am back…. hungry,  on a budget but feeling picky. So, the Food Alley was a good spot, a variety of cuisine and well priced. We avoided the peak times because it was Friday lunchtime.  I manage to pick Kampung Delights upstairs (Note: I may have reviewed this before) because my friend wanted to have Japanese upstairs (must be his favourite?).

I got confused at the menu at Kampung Delights, mainly because I wanted to try everything and it was well-priced. I don’t remember seeing anything above $15. After trying to figure out what to eat, and confusing the cashier to explain what I wanted, I picked an all-time favourite, the Mee Goreng. For $11, the chicken-option for Mee Goreng is good value, large portion, full of flavour (or salt?) and has this barbeque (“goreng”) taste. Great value and I would love to try the rice options in the future. Additionally, I’d say the Singapore Noodle (looks like Char Bee Hoon) is also worth a try.

I won’t give a rating yet. I am not sure whether it’s fair these days. But a picture of the Mee Goreng below. Try it. And I think my attempt at saying Thank you (in Tamil) worked, so probably why I got a large portion? Nah, just kidding.

Mee Goreng – no Instagram filter sorry! 🙂