Kampung Delights @ Food Alley

After a 4 year hiatus, I am back. Sorry guys. Work and life kept me extremely busy during 2012-2015 – I can explain later. Plus, I forgot my password along the way, yes – poor excuse!

Anyway, I am back…. hungry,  on a budget but feeling picky. So, the Food Alley was a good spot, a variety of cuisine and well priced. We avoided the peak times because it was Friday lunchtime.  I manage to pick Kampung Delights upstairs (Note: I may have reviewed this before) because my friend wanted to have Japanese upstairs (must be his favourite?).

I got confused at the menu at Kampung Delights, mainly because I wanted to try everything and it was well-priced. I don’t remember seeing anything above $15. After trying to figure out what to eat, and confusing the cashier to explain what I wanted, I picked an all-time favourite, the Mee Goreng. For $11, the chicken-option for Mee Goreng is good value, large portion, full of flavour (or salt?) and has this barbeque (“goreng”) taste. Great value and I would love to try the rice options in the future. Additionally, I’d say the Singapore Noodle (looks like Char Bee Hoon) is also worth a try.

I won’t give a rating yet. I am not sure whether it’s fair these days. But a picture of the Mee Goreng below. Try it. And I think my attempt at saying Thank you (in Tamil) worked, so probably why I got a large portion? Nah, just kidding.

Mee Goreng – no Instagram filter sorry! 🙂

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