Casablanca @ Sylvia Park

What do you do when it’s raining during the weekend? The mall. Maybe you guys do different things – but Sylvia Park is a good option if you really don’t want to go to the Museum or watch daytime TV.  It’s not a megamall yet but it’s going to get better after September. H&M and Zara are going to be in New Zealand if you are a brands kinda person.

Anyway, halfway shopping we needed to find food. Rather than going to the crowded food court, there’s a place where it’s less crowded, Casablanca. Typically I get the lunch plate and ordered the lamb ($18.50) and chicken ($16.50) option. However, they got one of our orders wrong, giving us the falafel option ($14.50). Instead of keeping the falafel lunch plate, it was offered to us for free – good on ya!


Falafel Lunch Plate


Lamb Lunch Plate


Chicken Lunch Plate

It’s a nice variety for the lunch plates and reasonable price. Service is good and the other options for lunch are quite tempting too. If you can’t make a decision, I’d say go for the chicken lunch plate. “Smokey” chicken with lots of salad on the side.

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