Pho Viet

It was one of those days again, I manage to drag myself into the urban jungle of Auckland in search for a soup noodle during a cold-ish, wet spring. Actually, I had a craving for my favourite Vietnamese food – the beef noodle soup. I believe they call this the Pho Bo Tai (as per the menu). $11 I get a pretty decent-sized bowl of noodles. It’s refreshing and tasty. My partner-in-crime says otherwise, the meat may not be fresh but I can’t tell. The other items on Pho Viet are not so appealing, so if there are experts for this place, let me know. I am generally happy the Vietnamese cuisine has a lot more options now in the CBD. The Banh Mi is still relatively expensive here in Auckland. Not sure how the Ozzies manage to keep the prices down for this particular dish.

Pho Viet is reasonably priced and as I mentioned, I only buy the beef noodle soup. The environment is within a food court so expect lots of students and young people around the area. You might spot an oldie like me around too.


Pho Bo Tai

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