Daikoku Ramen @ Victoria Street

Another rainy day in Auckland, and another attempt to find parking in the CBD for good Ramen. It’s hard to find it these days, I mean the ramen places, not parking – that’s just normal now. Aucklanders, give me some options, cause this is the only one I usually go to.

Anyway, for any Japanese feed, there’s always an urge for “sides”. So this place has it all, extra corn, extra this, extra that. It’s even got sushi and rice options if you’re sick of ramen. We ordered the usual, tonkotsu and tonkotsu-shoyu ramen, both $10 each. Extras are fried rice $4 and gyoza $6.50. It’s not gonna break the bank so I like this place. I do wish the place was a little brighter, not sure what’s the deal with Japanese dining places and darkness. I can think similar places for the dungeon-like decor i.e. Heizo and Renkon (Parnell).

The ramens are always a favourite, the flavours of the soup is what I always go for. Don’t expect a huge portion but I think it’s enough. If you’re hungry – get the extras. I guess that’s why they’re there! The fried rice and gyoza – can’t complain. Also, the staff are friendly.


Tonkotsu Ramen


Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen



Fried Rice



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