If you’re sick of going to town, here’s an alternative food place to try. It’s in Remuera Mall and hidden at the back. Allocated parking is available below or you can park on the street (free of course). They have the standard Japanese stuff – sushi, donburi, udon etc. But I usually go to this place for its Korean food. I believe they are Korean owners anyway but please correct me if I am wrong. However, I think they may have new owners as the dishes are different tasting, but the menu is still the same. The friendly old fella is no longer there! 😦


Strangely, while dining here I bumped into a lady who was curious about our dish and started small talk. Apparently she is a widow and wanting to know if we knew anyone she could meet at her age. I couldn’t recommend anyone, except asking her to try a dating website. Sorry – that was my best answer, and honestly it was a genuine answer, as I do know a lot of divorcees using dating website. Forgive me but I digress, I thought it was worth noting.

Ordered the bibimbap $13, and bulgogee $14. Both dishes came with miso soup and side dishes. The dishes are not bad, just a couple of things to note, the bibimbap lacks “colour” i.e. a variety of veggies , and side dishes are all pickled-type. Maybe I’m just picky or too used to the other owner. This place is still worth a try. Lots of people here seem to go for the Japanese.


Sides and Rice


Miso soup





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