J’s Tea

One of my favourite places for a bubble tea fix is J’s Tea. It’s a shame that parking is getting difficult to find here, strange considering this is not near the CBD, but there’s just lots of things there – an indoor stadium, Chinese supermarket, Caltex and a very busy road with bus lanes. But normally I get my parking on Dominion Road close to J’s Tea, I believe it’s a furniture shop with a restaurant on top.

Anyway, back to J’s Tea, on top of the bubble tea, I don’t normally go for the meals since I just pop in and pop out. This time I stayed longer and ordered dinner! We tried the chinese sausages  – yummy for $7 and the pork chop on rice and its variant spicy salt pork chop on rice. The original is much better, the spicy salt is just…. too salty! 🙂 But both dishes came under $15 and very good value considering it includes 3 sides. I love sides.

I think Taiwanese dishes are very wholesome, I’d stick to the all-time Taiwanese favourite of pork chop on rice. I haven’t tried the other stuff yet. Bubble tea is very popular there – so try that too!


Taiwanese sausages


Pork Chop on Rice


Spicy Pork Chop on Rice

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