Legianz is located at Victoria Park market. It’s pretty much the¬†Indonesian place, but with new management/ownership I believe. The menu is different. I ordered the Medan Laksa. I would say it was OK but for the price, it was much cheaper than the previous joint. The flavours are not as strong and aromatic. Again, this is with only one dish. I will go back and try the other dishes so watch this space…


Medan Laksa


Another quick bite at a Japanese restaurant in town. Rakuten is hidden between Albert and Hobson Street (you could say). Nice place, and lunch menu special is reasonable. I think this dish below was $12. Quiet surrounding and friendly staff. If you want a quick bite, worth trying.


Katsu Don (Chicken)

Sri Mahkota

I was in East Tamaki the other day and decided to pop into Sri Mahkota. I’m ¬†always not too fussed with Sri Mahkota, they are generally quite good – good prices and standard menus. Normally, I get the fish soup which is an all-time favourite, but decided to go for chicken rice and nasi goreng. Both dishes did not disappoint, and cheap by today’s standard, approx ~$12 each.

Seating arrangement a little cramp for this particular branch at East Tamaki. Otherwise, no issues.


Chicken Rice


Nasi Goreng