Kampung Style

Being a Sarawakian in Auckland is often quite difficult to satisfy my urges for the local food I’ve grown up with, so knowing that there was a “Sarawak Mee”, I had to check it out. Kampung Style is located right at the Glen Eden train station, so could be quite convenient for those who stay in West Auckland or nearby-ish. Car park is easy to find.

The lunch specials looked great (cheap), but I had to try the Sarawak Mee. My other half ordered her favourite, the Char Bee Hoon. Pricing was not bad, at around $13.50. The Sarawak Mee wasn’t quite the flavours I wanted, but was happy that I could find something Sarawakian. The Char Bee Hoon was actually better, large portion and great flavours.

Worth trying.


Char Bee Hoon


Sarawak Mee

2 thoughts on “Kampung Style

  1. Ahhhhh!!! Somebody from Sarawak! The char bihun looks good, pretty much like what one would get here…but the noodles used in the Sarawak mee look more like the West Malaysian wanton mee minus the black sauce that usually goes with it. It probably tastes good, though not quite the same – I’ve tried using those dried/instant egg noodles sold in packets at the supermarkets. Not bad too.

    • Yes from Kuching 🙂 Hard to find my beloved Sarawakian food in Auckland… unless you have connections. I’m in Malaysia now and bringing back some “instant” kampua see to satisfy my cravings!

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