Viet Kitchen

Not too bad but pricey…

Chicken skewers


Lemon grass chicken

6 thoughts on “Viet Kitchen

  1. How would you rate the pho?! Have been on the hunt for legit pho in Auckland and been let down everytime. I haven’t been to Viet Kitchen yet but must confess I don’t have high hopes…. worth trying their pho?

    • I quite like it but not the best I’ve tried. Priced at $15.90 and serving size is decent. Worth a try if you’re in the area.

      • My list is pretty pathetic. I used to like the broth in Saigonz many years back but don’t go anymore. Pho Saigon I like, but for some reason they keep moving around and I think they’re gone(?). Pho Viet on Queen Street isn’t too bad (recommended by a Vietnamese but he was from Wellington, LOL). What’s your top pick?

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