KK Restaurant

I’m starting this blog revival (or is it not?) with my all-time favourite, actually it’s more the local places I like… Haha. But I can’t deny KK restaurant despite the many years – to me – has not dropped in standard. With the increasing amount of competition, they seem to stand the test of time…

We usually order the chicken rice and the char kueh tiaw. Normally a larger size for the char kueh thaw to feed my little one or top up for myself, whichever comes first 🙂 . Other favourite of mine is the nasi lemak. Delicious and reasonably priced. The chicken rice cost $13, and the large char kueh tiaw $18.

Good value for money, reasonably easy parking to find. I normally try to avoid Manukau Road, and go from the back road to be honest. Lunch is the best deals, dinner time is good as well but expect the “dinner” prices.


Chicken Rice


Char Kueh Tiaw

Pappa Rich

I’ve been meaning to go to this place for quite a while but I heard about the high prices – me being a cheapo, it took a while for me to finally pay a visit. Since I don’t live in the CBD, it’s not easy to find parking in town – any Aucklander would know this. Sucks.

Ordered the following below, forgive me about the Roti Telur, started before taking photos, then realised I wanted to do a post. Sorry fellas but it does look a little better 🙂


Nasi Lemak Chicken Curry with Prawn


Chicken Rice


Roti Telur



Nasi Lemak was a special one, it has the prawn sambal on top of the chicken curry, I think that cost $17.90. The chicken rice $15.90, roti telur $9 and kopi $3.90. The interior / environment is actually quite nice and ordering the food requires you to fill in a form. The usual Pappa Rich style of ordering. I used to eat at this place in Singapore all the time when I was working there – mainly because they took my corporate AMEX!

I recommend the nasi lemak and chicken rice. It’s nice and large portions. The roti telur is not bad but can’t compare to the original Malaysia roti. It’s a good snack and worth a try. The kopi is nice but too sweet and not hot enough. I’d skip this and go to the nearby Cha Time! 🙂  In fact, the orders came in sporadically. I guess that’s typically Malaysian order. I’m not used to this clustered type of food arrivals. Drives me nuts! Sort it out!!

The price of the meals here compared to all the recent Malaysian places I’ve been eating at (i.e. Mamak, KK, Rasa Sayang, Selera, Sri Mahkota), this place is quite expensive. Some dishes I notice are already close to $20 but I guess there are reasons. Pappa Rich is still worth a try and do let me know what you think.

Kampung Delights @ Food Alley

After a 4 year hiatus, I am back. Sorry guys. Work and life kept me extremely busy during 2012-2015 – I can explain later. Plus, I forgot my password along the way, yes – poor excuse!

Anyway, I am back…. hungry,  on a budget but feeling picky. So, the Food Alley was a good spot, a variety of cuisine and well priced. We avoided the peak times because it was Friday lunchtime.  I manage to pick Kampung Delights upstairs (Note: I may have reviewed this before) because my friend wanted to have Japanese upstairs (must be his favourite?).

I got confused at the menu at Kampung Delights, mainly because I wanted to try everything and it was well-priced. I don’t remember seeing anything above $15. After trying to figure out what to eat, and confusing the cashier to explain what I wanted, I picked an all-time favourite, the Mee Goreng. For $11, the chicken-option for Mee Goreng is good value, large portion, full of flavour (or salt?) and has this barbeque (“goreng”) taste. Great value and I would love to try the rice options in the future. Additionally, I’d say the Singapore Noodle (looks like Char Bee Hoon) is also worth a try.

I won’t give a rating yet. I am not sure whether it’s fair these days. But a picture of the Mee Goreng below. Try it. And I think my attempt at saying Thank you (in Tamil) worked, so probably why I got a large portion? Nah, just kidding.

Mee Goreng – no Instagram filter sorry! 🙂

Mamak Malaysian Restaurant

If you’re craving Malaysian in Auckland CBD, you’re in luck. We have Mamak Malaysian Restaurant, located at 50 Kitchener Street. Generally, most Malaysian food are in food courts, especially in the CBD, so it’s great to see one located by itself.

Some samples below:

Tofu Salad ($8)

Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang.

Satay Chicken on Rice.

Beef Murtabak

Teh Tarik.

I didn’t keep track of the prices, but they are around $13 per meal. The tapas are around $8. It’s located in a nice place. If it’s not too cold or windy, it’s a great place to eat outside. In terms of pricing, the dishes are a bit on the high side, especially the tapas for its rather small portion size. The staff is friendly and the dishes are not bad. The laksa, mamak mee goreng, beef murtabak and curry chicken dishes are recommended.

Have a go. Rating = 8/10.

Malay Restaurant

Malay Restaurant was opened recently in Newmarket – very near to T Mark and Archie’s restaurant. It’s a fresh competitor for Malaysian food in the Newmarket area, competing against Selera, MyStop and Laksa House. My first impression was good – from outside I think it shows a lot of promise, quite nice decorations and appears to have authentic Malay food. So, it was harmless to give this place  a try – samples below:

Prawn Noodle Soup.

Mee Goreng.

Curry Chicken on Rice.

If I can remember, each dish was $9.90. The food was not horrible but not that great. It’s still an alternative Malaysian food place and well situated as well. Parking is not that hard to find especially at night. But I thought some of the dishes had too much MSG. Hopefully, someone can recommend something else they tried here and was great, but for now I am not sure if I’ll be back.

Rating = 7/10.

Great North Express – KL Cafe

Based on a recommendation from a reader, I tried KL Cafe in Kelston. It’s a bit of a drive to be honest, but I think well worth the visit. First you get to try a different place, and second, you get to see West Auckland. =) KL Cafe to me looks like a 2-in-1, quasi-takeaway-malaysian-cafe-hybrid. It works. Several samples below:

Char Kuey Teow.

Wonton Noodle.

Mee Goreng.

Prawn Noodle.

I didn’t manage to note the price unfortunately, but it’s standard price. Nothing that will blow you away. Out of these 4 dishes above, I quite like the Prawn Noodle. Apparently quite authentic. The people who served us are quite friendly and seem to recognise the locals.

My rating 8/10. Good try if you’re willing to go for a ride (assuming you’re not in West Auckland).

But someone did say to me, if you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME. =)

Bing’s Authentic Malaysian Restaurant & Cafe

This is a strange place to find a Malaysian restaurant. It’s located in the Auckland Hotel on Hobson St. It’s almost impossible to find, in fact, it was a work colleague who told me about this place. I’m surprised how they manage to put a place like this in a hotel, but I guess it must work for both parties. The environment is a bit strange. The pricing of the meals are above average, all above $10 if I can recall, but the portion is huge.

Char Kuey Teow.

Wat Tan Hor.

Mee Goreng.

It’s not a bad place, the meals aren’t the best I’ve tasted. The portion is huge but that’s reflected on the pricing. The staff is friendly, but the environment is a bit different.  My rating is 7.5/10. It’s a good place for a Malaysian food if you want portion, and if you’re in the vicinity of the Auckland Hotel.