Nutmeg Cafe

Sorry about the lack of updates. Excuses, excuses, excuses. I can blame the PS3, RWC, my wedding preparation, but really, I do muck around a lot and do have time update. I just forgot!

Nutmeg Cafe is located at the intersection of Remuera Road and Middleton Road, near Dick Smith Electronics. I decided to go because it’s near where I live and I had a Living Social voucher. Samples below:


Big breakfast with four sides ($23.00)

Eggs Benedict with Cured Salmon and Spinach ($17.00)

Mocha in a bowl.

To be honest, fantasic food, delicious and I think reasonably priced for the quality and service. With the voucher, it just makes it even better. Highly recommended for a try.

Oh it’s organic too. Rating = 9/10.

Gloria Jeans Coffee (Dressmart)

I feel a bit bad about writing this post, but I feel I had to express my disgust at one of the coffee shops in Dressmart. Gloria Jeans Coffee is a ‘specialty’ coffee retailer and a franchise organisation. So every GJ shop you see is a franchise, which typically means it’s owned and managed by a local.

I am a frequent traveller to Dressmart; obviously because they have the best range of clothes and at cheap prices. You seriously can’t complain. They have a few coffee shops in Dressmart to give shoppers a rest and have a cup of coffee. On two occassions I’ve tried the GJ coffee shop and twice their drinks just tasted like sh*t. I mean, when you pay $4.40 plus for ‘specialty’ coffee, you want to get the best for your money.

Trust me, for this *particular* shop, I don’t think they deserve to be a GJ franchise and should have new management. This is the story, a couple of weeks ago, I tried the mud slide mocha. On the picture it looked great but in reality, it looked like they just decided to rebrand a cup of brown-coloured frothy milk with too much sugar in it. And most recently, I tried the small iced GJ coffee, and it’s basically a cup of milk + espresso + syrup + ice. This franchise made it in less than 1 minute. That’s about it, nothing special and usually no problem to me. But for $4.40, I was expecting something special and it was just reconstituted milk + too much syrup.

And I feel bad writing about this because I know some people who own a GJ franchise. On this occassion, this branch is pathetic. I think they were trying to cut cost, or plainly can’t make coffee. I tried it twice (giving them a 2nd chance) and seriously, they just can’t make coffee.

A rating is no use for this Gloria Jeans in Dressmart. All I can say, don’t try it. Go to the Starbucks. In fact, I make better instant coffee than this place, and I am serious!

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge – I usually call this place the Barack Obama Chocolate Lounge. Bahhh, enough of my pathetic attempt to insert humour in this blog. Theobroma Chocolate Lounge has two branches, one in Sylvia Park and the other in St Lukes. It looks like they’re doing well and supposedly entering into the “chocolate drink” cafes market. It’s not a huge surprise as they have already flooded cities like Melbourne with similar places such as Koko Black and Max Brenner.

I have tried this place many times, but never reviewed so here goes. We bought two drinks, the mocha and chocolate drink – both Belgian Dark. Some pictures below for you to see:

Belgian Dark – Mocha.

Belgian Dark – Chocolate.

Chocolate Assortments.

The mocha is $5.60 and the chocolate is $5.40, and these are for cup sizes. They have mugs which have little candles on the bottom that continuously heat the drink. If you’re feeling rich, you can buy chocolate assortments for $2.30 each. There is also the “bulk” price but still not that cheap. I¬†guess similar to the Chocolate Boutique, Theobroma is “special” because it is a chocolate cafe. Thus, they price themselves above average than many coffee places (even the Chocolate Boutique).

Personally, Theobroma is just too damn expensive and I believe they’ve recently increased their price (you can see the stickers). But it’s a nice place and I think the chocolate must be of good quality. So, I’d recommend if you’ve got paid and want to treat yourself, try this place out. But don’t come back in 6-12 months, else you’re just spending too much money and in need of a financial advisor.

The service is one thing I’m concerned about with this place (Slyvia Park). Perhaps it’s a random thing or I’m just too fussy, but one time I lined up to get a drink when it was just about to close. There was basically the guy in front and myself to be served. The manager decided to serve the guy in front but decided I wasn’t worth serving. Keep in mind that, I did not just arrive but had been waiting. Also, the time during this review, the cashier was a loud and not quite friendly enough. I’m paying $5+ for one chocolate drink – the least you could do is pretend to like me.

Overall, Theobroma is a great place for chocolate drinks, particularly the Belgian Dark range. But it is quite pricey and for my case, the service is not great. I’m sure hundreds of people will flock into this place anyway. My rating is 7/10. Fantastic drinks, but a bit too pricey and in need of some serious review of their service.

My last comment – You’re a “luxury” place, start treating your customers like kings and queens!!