Nutmeg Cafe

Sorry about the lack of updates. Excuses, excuses, excuses. I can blame the PS3, RWC, my wedding preparation, but really, I do muck around a lot and do have time update. I just forgot!

Nutmeg Cafe is located at the intersection of Remuera Road and Middleton Road, near Dick Smith Electronics. I decided to go because it’s near where I live and I had a Living Social voucher. Samples below:


Big breakfast with four sides ($23.00)

Eggs Benedict with Cured Salmon and Spinach ($17.00)

Mocha in a bowl.

To be honest, fantasic food, delicious and I think reasonably priced for the quality and service. With the voucher, it just makes it even better. Highly recommended for a try.

Oh it’s organic too. Rating = 9/10.


There was a time in my life when Mission Bay was the place I went to – all the time. Not now, maybe because I am old.

Anyway, if you’re keen on some Indian food – you can go for Masala. If it wasn’t for the $10 lunch special, I would not have spotted this place. It’s on the 2nd floor which make it difficult to spot. So I guess a little marketing helps.

As usual, samples I tried are shown below:

Butter Chicken ($10 lunch special).

Lamb Saagwala ($10 lunch special).

These $10 lunch specials always come with a catch – don’t expect a lot of meat and expect plenty of sauce. Naan wasn’t too bad. I thought the paper-based table cloth was a bit strange. I have had dinner here before, and the portions were reasonable. Overall, not the best Indian in town but it’s in Mission Bay – so you could say the atmosphere compensates. They have live bands apparently, which is a bonus.

So if you’re in the mood for Indian in Mission Bay, it’s a good try, but don’t expect too much in terms of food satisfaction. Rating = 7/10.

Cock and Bull (Newmarket)

I haven’t had a bad stint for a while, so it’s about time I got one.

I decided to pay a visit to a very common pub around the Auckland area – Cock & Bull, this particularly one in Newmarket. It always seems lively in Cock & Bull, with lots of people, probably due to the beer and SkySports. This is a good thing. Obviously, I wasn’t here for the beer. I was here for some good ol’ pub food. An Australian tourist once told me it’s the kind of food that fills you up – I guess the word is hearty? I was going to say wholesome – but things like chips, beer, deep-fried isn’t exactly healthy. =)

Some of the pub food I tried:

Scotch Fillet ($29.95).

Cock & Bull Platter ($19.95).

Caesar Salad ($20.95).

Scotch Fillet wasn’t too bad, and I think a great dish to have when you’re watching a football match etc. However, the Cock & Bull platter and Caesar Salad (with smoked chicken) were quite disappointing The platter was mostly full of the cheap stuff – wedges and onion rings. It wasn’t horrible tasting, it just lacked a lot of creativity and variety. The caeser salad had a pungent smell, maybe because of the parmesan or anchovies. Something wasn’t quite right with this all-time favourite of mine. The pricing was OK, I guess it’s standard price.

I’ve always liked pub food, and it’s everywhere in Auckland. Perhaps if you do pop into Cock & Bull, better stick to the basics like chips or pizza. I wasn’t quite so engrossed with some of the selection above.

My rating =5/10.

Jervois Steak House

It’s that time of the month. My lack of updates is getting quite common, and for that I apologise. It’s not often I go out and eat at fancy places, and this was a special occasion obviously =)

Jervois Steak House is the place, apparently known for their steaks. JSH is located in Ponsonby, and restaurant environment is quite romantic. Some samples below:

Entre – Alaskan Red King Crab $26.00.

Main – Signature Prime Rib (Queen Size) $43.50.

Main – Savannah Petite Angus Eye Fillet $39.50.

Sides – Creamed spinach with a hint of nutmeg $6.50.

Sides – Candied kumara baked New Orleans style with pecans $6.50.

Sides – Onion rings $8.50.

The thing I was quite impressed with are the partners, which are the sides. It’s well presented and tasty. The Angus eye filltet was very nice. The signature prime rib was a bit of an anti-climax since we had to pre-order it, and in the end, it was OK. However, the portion is quite generous – I have to give that and it was just the Queen Size only.  The entre – crab was difficult to eat and I wouldn’t recommend it. Too expensive and may cut your fingers =)

It’s not somewhere I’d go back again to be honest, but some people would find it great. My stomach is not that big to handle all that food unfortunately. Otherwise, for the steak, the sides, the service and the environment, it’s got good points.

Rating 7.5/10.