February Findings

A quick post. 

I have observed one thing recently. As I was walking in Sylvia Park, I noticed that Theobroma has some specials in their store (lower prices for some of their beverages). Good on ya! Business seems good as well.

Some places that I’ve been to are still grossly overpriced (some by over 20 to 30%), I won’t mention who, but you were reviewed previously!¬†Shame on you!

Recession Special

My apologies – I have been away overseas for a couple of weeks, and coupled with two long weekends (Auckland Anniversary and Waitangi), you get a deserted blog from a lazy person like me.

Anyway, with the recession happening and all, maybe it’s time for all of us to think of ways to save money. With people losing jobs around the world, companies announcing losses, interest rates dropping like a rock etc, there are things we can do to save money.

Places you think you can’t afford to eat and/or shop – don’t go there! Cook and eat at home more often. There is one favourite “recession” item of mine, the Home Brand Baked Beans (from Countdown or Foodtown). Personally, I think it’s a fantastic product. It’s cheap – almost half the price of other brands and it taste pretty good.


Home Brand Baked Beans.

For 59c, baked beans is great with toast and eggs. No ratings, but I’d seriously give it a high one =) I’ll have more relevant posts soon!