Once in a while I will pop into Epsom and you will be pleasantly surprised with the meals at Tanto. It’s now open on Saturday for lunch. The meals are carefully presented and it’s not too heavy. They have a decent pricing, I believe around $15 or less, but don’t expect large portions. We ordered the meals below. These dishes are great – no complaints! The quality is there.


Sauce Katsu on Rice


Teriyaki Salmon on Rice

KK Restaurant

I’m starting this blog revival (or is it not?) with my all-time favourite, actually it’s more the local places I like… Haha. But I can’t deny KK restaurant despite the many years – to me – has not dropped in standard. With the increasing amount of competition, they seem to stand the test of time…

We usually order the chicken rice and the char kueh tiaw. Normally a larger size for the char kueh thaw to feed my little one or top up for myself, whichever comes first 🙂 . Other favourite of mine is the nasi lemak. Delicious and reasonably priced. The chicken rice cost $13, and the large char kueh tiaw $18.

Good value for money, reasonably easy parking to find. I normally try to avoid Manukau Road, and go from the back road to be honest. Lunch is the best deals, dinner time is good as well but expect the “dinner” prices.


Chicken Rice


Char Kueh Tiaw

J’s Tea

One of my favourite places for a bubble tea fix is J’s Tea. It’s a shame that parking is getting difficult to find here, strange considering this is not near the CBD, but there’s just lots of things there – an indoor stadium, Chinese supermarket, Caltex and a very busy road with bus lanes. But normally I get my parking on Dominion Road close to J’s Tea, I believe it’s a furniture shop with a restaurant on top.

Anyway, back to J’s Tea, on top of the bubble tea, I don’t normally go for the meals since I just pop in and pop out. This time I stayed longer and ordered dinner! We tried the chinese sausages  – yummy for $7 and the pork chop on rice and its variant spicy salt pork chop on rice. The original is much better, the spicy salt is just…. too salty! 🙂 But both dishes came under $15 and very good value considering it includes 3 sides. I love sides.

I think Taiwanese dishes are very wholesome, I’d stick to the all-time Taiwanese favourite of pork chop on rice. I haven’t tried the other stuff yet. Bubble tea is very popular there – so try that too!


Taiwanese sausages


Pork Chop on Rice


Spicy Pork Chop on Rice

Chocolate Boutique

Despite my many attempts to find something decent to eat at night for dessert around Auckland Central, I still rate this place very highly in my many years in Auckland. Lots of seats/tables, parking is easy to find and reasonable price!

Still an all-time favourite in Auckland. Must try! Located in Parnell… If you guys have anything similar to this, please let me know.


Death By Chocolate


Dark Chocolate Submarino

Wongkok Cafe & Bar

It was an odd day in Auckland – it was sunny after weeks and weeks of rain, so my mood was a little bit better. I think these magazines need to rate Auckland is the most liveable city, when it’s not raining!

Anyway, a random event, a friend wanted to have lunch so I decided why not. He took me to this place right opposite of Sky City. I’ve actually seen this place several times but never thought of going inside, plainly because there’s a dodgy-looking massage parlour next to it.

Surprisingly, the menu is similar to those Hong Kong type restaurants so decided to try the usual stuff I buy, combination rice. Despite the slightly grumpy cashier/waitress, the food wasn’t too bad. Good portion of meats and soup was good. For $14, it’s quite good value.

Worth a try! I might try the Hainanese Chicken rice next time.


Combination Rice (BBQ Pork and Roast Duck)

Ramen Do

One of my favourite  Japanese dishes during the cold winter months. I’ve always ventured into Daikoku Ramen on Victoria Street, but found this gem recently (through Google obviously). Parking is a bit of a pain, if the bus lane is not enforced, you can park at Symonds Street, otherwise just loop around the many streets around the area.

For those not sure what to buy, the restaurant gives you recommendations. We chose the two ramen below (with the extras – the Hokkaido Miso Ramen $15 and Paitan Salt Ramen $14. It’s great value and  the add ons are worth it. The Hokkaido Miso Ramen has got everything (veggies, egg, meat of all sorts if you get the extras and garnish). The Paitan Salt Ramen with the extras is generous. I quite like this place and will try the other dishes next time I pop over. Good value for money and delicious!


Paitan Salt Ramen (with extra 4 BBQ pork)



Hokkaido Miso Ramen (with extra 2 x BBQ pork and 1 pork belly)

Cha Time

I guess it’s about time. When Auckland gets Meet Fresh, Pappa Rich, Gong Cha, H&M, Zara etc…. Cha Time normally follows. “World” famous, it’s one of my favourite bubble tea drinks in South East Asia, and has been here for a while already. It has 2 shops on Queen Street and one in St Lukes Mall. Maybe there’s more, let me know.

I can’t fault this batch I had tonight. $6.50, for a large, and you can customise sugar, ice etc. Get a loyalty card as some people might get addicted. There’s still lots of competition I think for this bubble tea market, but the Cha Time branding should keep it very favourable.


Pearl Milk Tea