Malaysia Boleh

Some dishes for those craving Malaysian snacks/food… Enjoy! Curry puff, a couple of various “durian” flavoured desserts and of course, Wan Tan Mee (Kolo┬áMee is on the way).

Rasa Sayang

It’s quite rare to see cheap decent Malaysian food these days. Rasa Sayang is one of those, and I’m talking about just the lunch menu style of food.

It’s a bit of a drive at Birkenhead – anything over the bridge is like that for me :). Parking is easy to find if you don’t mind a bit of walk. Great workday lunch! Try it out.


Fish noodle soup.

Kampung Style

Being a Sarawakian in Auckland is often quite difficult to satisfy my urges for the local food I’ve grown up with, so knowing that there was a “Sarawak Mee”, I had to check it out. Kampung Style is located right at the Glen Eden train station, so could be quite convenient for those who stay in West Auckland or nearby-ish. Car park is easy to find.

The lunch specials looked great (cheap), but I had to try the Sarawak Mee. My other half ordered her favourite, the Char Bee Hoon. Pricing was not bad, at around $13.50. The Sarawak Mee wasn’t quite the flavours I wanted, but was happy that I could find something Sarawakian. The Char Bee Hoon was actually better, large portion and great flavours.

Worth trying.


Char Bee Hoon


Sarawak Mee

Angie’s Kitchen

It’s been a while since I’ve been to this place. But remembered why I liked it, the food has great flavours and the staff is friendly.

Below are the dishes we tried, Nasi Goreng Kampung and Nasi Padang. Flavoursome and to be honest, compared to those crappy meals I have bought at those mall foodcourt, this is worth every cent. The satay is awesome. Malaysia Boleh!


Nasi Goreng Kampung


Nasi Padang