Wagamama (Sylvia Park)

I don’t know what I was thinking, but I popped into Wagamama Sylvia Park the other night while waiting to watch a movie. From the outside it looked like a nice place to eat as I’ve been there before, and I think I had fond memories.

Samples I had below:

Chicken Katsu Curry ($17.50).

Chilli Ramen with Sirloin Steak ($24.50).

Overall, it’s quite average and too pricey. I guess the place does suit some people (apparently it’s fusion) and it’s popular. But I can find better tasting and seriously cheaper Japanese out there.

My apologies to all Wagamama fans, I don’t get this place. Rating 5/10.

Wagamama (Newmarket)

Fusion is overrated. It’s a good excuse to charge double the price of a typical Asian meal. But that’s what I think. 🙂

Wagamama seems quite popular as I see the Link Bus ads all the time (brainwashed?). This particular one I popped into is on Nuffield St in Newmarket. There are others in the CBD and Sylvia Park. Anyway, samples below:

Wagamama - Koumi Chicken

Koumi Chicken.

Wagamama - Ramu Kare Lomen

Ramu Kare Lomen.

Wagamama - Tori Kara age

Tori Kara Age.

Pricing-wise, the Koumi Chicken was $18 and Ramu Kare Lomen was $18.50. Note, first choice for the chicken meals weren’t available for some reason, so selection was limited for that night (not good).  The Tori Kara Age was $10. The Koumi Chicken was very plain, which was very disappointing. For the price, it was not worth it. The Ramu Kare Lomen was not bad, as I was a fan of coconut-based curry. The Tori Kara Age was also not bad. Overall, taste-wise, nothing to worship about.

I thought their pricing was a bit too much but they were fusion, so they could do anything they want in terms of price. Perhaps the environment was the reason to go to Wagamama, but I didn’t feel it.

My rating is 6/10. Wagamama ain’t worth it unless you have a voucher to burn, or you really can’t find anything else open (they seem to open quite late).

MKOP (My Kind Of Place)

If you’re ever in Mission Bay, I used to say the first place you should go to is the Belgian Beer Cafe (De Fontein). Now I say, forget about them. They’re overated and their service is appaling. And if you’re into mussels, why not try Degree.

Anyway, enough about that. If you walk about a minute past the cinema, you will see an “Indian” restaurant – MKOP. It’s located in a strange place, right in between two restaurants and it’s quite hard to notice. During a nice Saturday afternoon, we tried this place and ordered two reasonably priced dishes – the Chicken Tower and Tandoori Chicken Salad.

Chicken Tower.

Tandoori Chicken Salad.

The good thing about MKOP is that it’s very well priced for lunch. I can’t remember clearly, but I believe both dishes cost around $16.50. It wasn’t something unreasonable for good quality food. The salad was a unique item, the Tandoori chicken really spiced it up. The Chicken Tower is just good value for money – the amont of chicken in there is quite generous. There are really no complaints. Perhaps I might try this place out for dinner.

Overall, I’d give this place an 8/10.