Mamak Malaysian Restaurant

If you’re craving Malaysian in Auckland CBD, you’re in luck. We have Mamak Malaysian Restaurant, located at 50 Kitchener Street. Generally, most Malaysian food are in food courts, especially in the CBD, so it’s great to see one located by itself.

Some samples below:

Tofu Salad ($8)

Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang.

Satay Chicken on Rice.

Beef Murtabak

Teh Tarik.

I didn’t keep track of the prices, but they are around $13 per meal. The tapas are around $8. It’s located in a nice place. If it’s not too cold or windy, it’s a great place to eat outside. In terms of pricing, the dishes are a bit on the high side, especially the tapas for its rather small portion size. The staff is friendly and the dishes are not bad. The laksa, mamak mee goreng, beef murtabak and curry chicken dishes are recommended.

Have a go. Rating = 8/10.

5 thoughts on “Mamak Malaysian Restaurant

  1. Been here during my conference trip to Auckland. Got to learn about this restaurant just a few days before leaving Malaysia. Amazing authetic Malaysian foods they served there. Big portion but quite affordable. Had mee goreng mamak, teh tarik and popiah. Gosh, they did taste like home! I like the Malay words they printed on the wall. Very creative. The restaurant was not so spacious but the owner Jeffrey and wife made it so warm and welcomed. Good job guys! I would strongly recommend this restaurant to any Malaysians who plans to visit Auckland someday.

    Malaysia boleh!!

    Ziera Ramli was there on 21st – 26th November, 2011
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  2. I see you’ve done reviews on quite a few Malaysian places. Any of them do apam balik also known as the peanut pancake? It’s a sweet dish. I’m feeling terribly homesick!

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